• Total Share Return Tool

    Our Total Share Return Tool puts a key aspect of your Equity story front and centre, making what you can offer potential stakeholders for their investment the focal point. 

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Designed to make your case to investors, our TSR Tool presents your value and potential clearly.

  • Focused

    In creating our TSR Tool, we have put the spotlight on what you are giving back to your investors. With a clear presentation providing concise, key information, we make the case of your company as an investment to potential stakeholders. 

  • Comparable

    We want to make sure that your exceptionality stands out. That's why we ensure that your total share return is comparable to your peers and your sector as a whole. We also make sure that your long term committment to your investors is plainly evident.   

  • Accessible

    As a marketleading actor, we believe in making our tools not only eminently usable but also accessible. In championing accessibility, we have made our TSRT available in color vision deficiency mode. Ensuring that your information is available to all.

  • Operative

    The dedicated calculator has been designed specifically to give the individual shareholder a complete understanding of their total share return. It visually represents the trend of their investment longterm and gives comprehensive information of both dividends reinvested and cashed out.   

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  • The main draw

    One of the most important aspects of an investment to potential stakeholders is the dividend. In light of this, we have created a tool which gives it the starring role in presenting your total share return. The overview provides your stakeholders with an immediate indication of how their investment in your company is working for them. 

  • The latest payouts are represented visually, giving a striking indication of trends both short and longterm. Indicators and comparisons are available with the click of a button. The figures are viewable in table format and can be downloaded to Excel while the graphs are exportable in both JPG and PDF formats. 

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